Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Digs...

Again, it's been too long since we last met here. I hope all is well because it's wonderful on this end.

So, here's a little catch up!

About a month and a half ago, Terry (Wonderlands glorified crossing gaurd), told me that I had to move apartments. I was a bit shocked at first. I had been planning on moving into Aaron or Suzanna's place after they left, but he said it would be two weeks before that would be possible. So, I thought I was going to have to move to some new place and then move to one of the other places two weeks after that. I was not thrilled about that. So, I went with Terry and checked out the new place and it was not too great. I was not happy about it at first. I took some pictures with my phone and sent them to 고운. Afterall, she would be living there too!

As always, she was positive and upbeat about the new place. That made me feel much better. We reminded ourselves that we would be setting it up and decorating it together. It would really be our place.

Let's remember my old place. I had an old and heavily used TV, a small board for a bed and a kitchen that I could barely get my gut in and out of without effort. It was not that bad and I really never complained, but I was excited about a new place.
고운 and I effortlessly packed most of our stuff and were ready for the move. I moved the stuff with the help of some teachers while 고 was at her Chinese class.

That night the new place looked different though. It seemed bigger, newer and, most of all, came with new appliances! I was thrilled! we left and went to a local hof, 쪼끼쪼끼, and started drinking. 고 met us later and was greeted by an overly excited me who wanted to show her our new place.

It was a mess that first night, but we have made it a home now. It's changed since these pictures were taken, but here's the jist of it...

We bought a lamp and a rug for the new place. Having only overhead light gets to be really awful after awhile. We like it. Also, that chair has been moved!

Here's another angle. Notice the Korean and American flags! That's right.

The only thing that bothers us about the place is the small window. It's seems biggeer than the picture makes it appear, but oh well.

That door leads to the bathroom. There's 고!

These are of the kitchen! We have more room and a fancy new washing machine! It's all so new!!!

And the bathroom. It's a bit smaller than the old place, but the water pressure and cleanliness of it is amazing. 고 does not have to clean this floor like she did in the old place!

And here's the outside of my building. I'm not sure what was here before, but the building is brand new. It comes with no keys, only codes. Plus, it has an elevator! That doesn't matter though because the apartment is on the first floor.

There's my door!


Just outside the building!

And the rest are foyers and hallways!

So that's that. We're really digging the new place.

Now, what else?

My new class is going great. They are tons of fun and Dinah, who is still my partner, and I are enjoying teaching them.

The weather has finally gievn in to the spring and it's beautiful is Korea again. The yellow sand from Mongolia can get a bit old sometimes, but that will pass.

고운 and I are planning a trip to Japan soon as well. I'll keep you updated on that too!

I will try and remember to put up some pictures of my new students and other happenings soon!