Friday, October 26, 2007


Yesterday I was playing a game called, "Bum". It sounds a little odd, but it's a fun game. All you do is stand in a circle and kick the soccer ball when it comes to you. The only rule is that you have to make an effort if it's close to you and you must return it so it's playable. I have no soccer skills, but luckily I did play a lot of hackey-sack in high school, so the motion is one that I'm used to. Besides, a three year old could play this game.

Like in "HORSE", if you mess up in "BUM" you get a letter. Once you spell BUM then you must stand against the wall with your back facing the group and brace yourself because the other players are now trying to kick the ball at you or your bum, hence the name of the game.

I play with my British friends and one American friend and, of course, they all love and play soccer. Getting kicked by them is not fun. It's stings a bit. I mean, they can really kick a ball. I can barely make solid contact let alone try to aim at anything. So, I want to avoid getting any letters and therefore avoid getting hit.

Yesterday, we were playing and the ball bounced reasonably close to me. So, I made a valiant effort to kick the ball. I ran and extended my leg as far as it would go. Unfortunatelky, it was too far and now I walk with a very cool urban limp. I'm not sure what I did to my knee, but I'm going to give it a day and see how it heals and then I'll go from there. I did not have to go up on the wall though and I will continue to play BUM.

So, I guess the lesson is don't play any games with Brits. Ha!

Post Script:
I have a workshop tonight. I have to leave the city and stay with ALL the teachers. I'm not too thrilled for a few reasons. One, I have to sleep on the floor. Two, I can't stay up too late anymore and three, I won't be with 고. That's the biggest reason. This will be the first Friday ever and the first night away from her in 6 months. I miss her already, but I'll can always talk to her.

Also, I plan on updating you on 고's job this weekend. For now, she loves it and I'm so proud and happy for her.

So, while I'm icing my leg here's a little something for you...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today I Became a 주부

Only a few of you might know at this point and even fewer check this blog since I have not been active in five months, but 고 started her job today. I will know more about it tonight when she gets home.

However, the inspiration for the post is not her job. No, that will come later, but this is about my new career as a 주부, or housewife. Of course I still work and make good money, but I finish the day so early. I start at 945 and finish at 430. Poor 고 doesn't finish until 7 at the earliest. This leaves me about 3 hours of relaxation, right? Nope!

The task of maintaining a clean and productive household is quite daunting. In fact, I even made a list tonight of all the things I need to do in order to have some down time with 고.

* Dishes
* Sweep and vacuum
* Laundry
* Water the plants
* Cook or plan dinner if possible, but since it's only the first day I might be in over my head
* Water the plants
* Dust
* Straighten up

...and about thirty other things that I was always appreciative that 고 did, but never realized the scope of the task.

So, what am I doing writing this post you ask? Ha! I want to change the style of this blog from the earlier stages of large and in depth observations and experiences, to small and little jabs at my day.

So, I'm a house fiance I guess. I'm fine with that. I can do this stuff and I'm happy to do it so 고 doesn't have to come home to a dirty house and me sitting in the middle of it.

Now to my day...

Work was work as usual. I teach English so there are not many surprises. I am getting a bit puzzled by my school though. They seem to be changing their name, but none of the teachers have really been told why or what we're going to be called. It's odd, but I'm getting used to being left in the dark when it comes to management. Also, I had an open class the other day and, without notice, they inform me that I have another one tomorrow. It'll be fine, but sometimes it would be nice to know what is going on and when.

고 will be home in an hour and then we go eat and then we go to the gym. Our time is severely limited during the weekdays, but that is normal I guess. We've been very lucky that we could spend so much time together during the week and, well, all the time.

Also, I'd like to leave you guys with a video of a song each post. You don't have to watch them, but they always are nice and I'm sure you guys have not heard most of these tunes in awhile.

Here's to 고's new job. She's going to do so well!!!!