Friday, November 30, 2007

We all have blue days...

Nothing more to say...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I was reading a Yahoo News article yesterday and it really bothered me. It was listing the "Corniest Songs" of all time and topping the list was a personal favorite, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. While I can admit that it's a "corny" song, I think this writer was trying to belittle not only the lyrics and vocals of Steve Perry, but Journey in general. I was upset and, like many people do when in this situation, wanted to read some more of this guy's stuff to further fuel my fire.
Then I found it.

This low-class piece of trash was mocking dog movies. He mocked Old Yeller, Where the Red Fern Grows, My Dog Skip, Eight Below and he even mocked "Two Socks" from "Dances With Wolves". I was irate. Why not make fun of the scores of stupid dog movies like Air Bud, Lassie and Bengie? Dogs are so great and that relationship is one that humans can not have with each other and, if you don't have a dog, one that you will never understand.

In my mind this writer is a single douche-bag living in New York who loves KISS and has two cats that sleep with him every night.

You can imagine what follows:

Love your dog!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chinese and Korean

고 has signed up for Chinese classes again and will start studying in the morning before work. I take Korean classes on Saturday. Funny, huh? She has no time and manages to take 5 classes a week and I have all the time and I take 1 class. Awesome!

She's getting geared up for our planned move to Singapore and really she wants to be super marketable when we move home to the US and she starts working. I figured a young, attractive, Asian woman with Chinese, Korean, English, French and a working knowledge of three others (Spanish, Russian and Japanese) on top of her experience in multiple international markets will look good.

She's working so hard and really wants to be the best around!!!


Korean music is interesting. I like it for the same reasons I like some 80's music. It's kind of catchy and some songs are great, but overall it's a bit silly. If you like love ballads (not monster ballads) and pop music then this is perfect for you. If you like band music (like me) then stick with your Ipod.

As you know from Colbert, Rain is a popular Korean pop star. However, he's not that big in Korea anymore. He appeals more to an international audience. The recent countdown that I saw featured 10 of the most popular songs on the charts. I remember number 2 and 3. A major difference here is that 8 year olds like the same thing the 28 year olds like. That generation gap makes no difference.

I liked this song the first time I heard it because it sounded like mediocre American 1990s pop (which is great). This song is by Big Bang and it's played all over the place. It's called 거짓말 or Lies.

And this next one is just horrible. I don't know the appeal, but people like it!!!
It's the Wonder Girls singing Tell Me.

By the way, all these pop "stars" are under 21 and the youngest is 15.

World Cup

The World Cup isn't until 2010, but the draw was held this week. Some teams have an easy group and some teams don't. England has to play Croatia who recently beat them and dashed their hopes in the 2008 Euro Cup. USA will be playing Cuban, who we just beat in the World Baseball Series for the first time in 23 years!!! We should win.

I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I did watch most of the 2006 World Cup with all my soccer playing friends at home before coming to Korea. While here, I have watched a lot of soccer and have a lot of British friends who love the game, so here I am.

South Korea drew North Korea in the first round. This is interesting to me. They have played 11 times and South Korea has won 8, lost 2 and tied 1 (I think). During the Olympics, both Korea's play as one team, but the World Cup is more prestigious.

North Korea has never had too much glory in the sport, but in 1966 they surprised the world by upsetting Italy.

It's in Chinese, but here's a clip. Some call it the biggest World Cup upset yet.

So, who will win the match? This is how they decide things in Korea...

(This is the DMZ -the most heavily fortified border in the world.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To come...

I have a few that will be up in about 12 hours or so. Look for Arm Wrestling, K-Pop, World Cup, Risk, Chinese, Korean and a couple more.

Sorry for the delay, but this week has been hectic...

Over the Top

고 and I went to a Food Exhibition at COEX (a huge mall, convention center, etc...) and while we were tasting food and drink from all around Korea and the world, we stumbled upon an arm-wrestling competition. I had to watch it, so I convinced her to stay and watch it with me.

There were six guys on stage wearing tight jackets that showed off their size. They guys were huge. Kind of like this...

So, 고 and I chose which guy we thought would win. My guy had huge arms, but came in last place. 고's guy got second. The guy who won looked like a normal guy just trying to make a living as a trucker...

Or maybe that's the theme to...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Splish Splash

I know many people love to take baths and I do too, but since I have not had a bathtub is over a year I've gotten over that. The weather is getting cold though and it would be nice to relax in the tub from time to time. I know 고 would too!

Our bathroom, however, is pretty much a shower/sink/toilet combo and when you bathe the whole bathroom gets soaked. It's not bad, except when you go to the bathroom after a shower and before the floor has dried.

I have yet to post pics of our new place. So, I'll do that tomorrow.

Until then!

Cold Rain

It is so cold and rainy today. There's really nothing worse! Of course, this morning it was not wet at all so I didn't leave with an umbrella and neither did 고. We have done this so many times that we have accumulated over seven umbrellas. Today, I'm going to pick her up with an umbrella.

It's Joel's brithday tonight and we're going for dinner. He's back from UMASS (where he is studying) to visit his fiance. He's thirty and soon I'll have to fight the cold rain and snow. Great!

Here's a classic one from my catalog:

It makes me feel so good to hear them. It's been awhile.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Which one am I??

I've been told that I look like a lot of people and soon I'll post about that, but today I was told a new one.

Guess which guy I look like?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Early Night's with Miami Sound Machine

고 and I went to bed early last night. We were both sleeping by 9:45. It was great. She was tired from her late nights and I'm pretty sure I can fall asleep at any moment if I try.

When it gets cold we turn the heat on like anywhere else. However, the heat comes from water pipes in the floor. This is because it is very normal to sleep on the floor in Korea (even preferred). So, 고 and I slept on the floor last night. It was very comfortable and quiet warm. We have a nice Korean-style mattress and warm blankets, so it was just like a bed. Of course, heat rises and around six this morning we got a little cold, but nothing big.

We woke up at seven to another snow. This one was better than the one before because the ground was so cold. I'm hoping that it's a cold and snowy winter, but I doubt that.

So, in my dream I was teaching, but I was not teaching english. I was teaching that Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine song, "Conga". I was teaching my 10 year old class that can speak very well. However, that did not matter really. It was so strange because I had to teach the dance moves and the lyrics. And if you recall, I can't sing and my dancing, while not horrible, is not geared towards this Cuban sound. It was amusing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Movie Favorites

I'm not sure what your favorite happens to be, but I know mine and I want to share a few favorites...

That's my favorite. Here are some of yours...

I know that was a lot, but those are my favorites! Enjoy!!!

"It's never too early"

"It's never too early" is the reply that I've gotten for years when commenting on the seemingly early introduction of Christmas music to the family CD player. It would still be warm and we would be listening to Andy, Bing and Robert sing about Santa.

I STILL think that it's too early. However, since it is nearly Thanksgiving, I think that's it's about time. We're putting up our tree next week. We'll have friends over to help decorate while we drink and watch Christmas movies. I'm not sure what to watch, but we'll figure it out. Also, I think we're going to do stockings this year as well. Hmmm...

Here's one from an album that gets played all the time!!!

All I Want For Christmas is my...MUSTACHE!

That's right. This year, we're all taking a vacation from ourselves and growing our mustaches. All the male teachers at school start the staches on December 1st. It's going to be amazing! I'll post pics!

On Christmas Day, we'll all gather with sweaters, presents, egg-nog and MUSTACHES!!!

It'll be quite the sight. Here's to the stache!!!

First Snow...

Last night we had our first snow of the season! Of course, it's not as fun as waiting to watch the Snowbird report to see if school is closed, but it still gives us that youthful feeling of fun and innocence. It was a heavy snow, but when we woke up it was mostly ice and sludge.

It's nice though and made us realize what a great time of the year it is!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

No chance...

As winter closes in on Korea again (it's 16 degrees today), I felt it necessary to buy a real winter coat. I knew what I wanted, so 고 and I went out to a shopping district of Seoul and looked.

I saw some that I liked and many, many more that I was embarrassed to try on, but did only because of the over-the-top cajoling from the salesmen. I would try one on and they would say how great I looked in it, but when I saw myself in a mirror I had a different opinion.

After a couple hours, we gave up and now, I do not have a decent coat and it's cold outside!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wedding Tease...

Last Sunday, 고, her mom and I all went to check out the place where we want to have the wedding. I loved it. We reserved it today and it's official! I'm so excited!

The place is called Korea House. It's in the middle of Seoul with tall buildings rising in the background, but the wedding site seems like it is from centuries ago. The whole ceremony is quite interesting and just what we wanted.

Here are some shots...

Here's how it works. Traditionally, the wedding took place at the bride's house, but not anymore. First part of the wedding is the "Presentation of Wild Geese". The geese symbolize harmonious love between the bride and groom. During the procession, the best man holds a single wooden wild goose. He then hands it to the groom after a series of bows. Here's a below average picture of that.

From here I walk to the brides "house" and place the goose on a table. After bowing twice to my future mother-in-law, she takes the goose inside the house.

Then the bride comes out. This is my favorite part. The bride is wearing some very traditonal clothes. I can't wait to see 고 in it. She's going to look stunning!
She's under there I promise!

After she walks out, then we can finally see each other. Our hands are washed, which of course symbolizes cleanliness. We bow to each other twice and then kneel down facing each other.

Then we drink special rice wine from separate half gourds. The two gourds together make us whole. Then we join together and bow three times to our parents, ancenstors and guests.

Look at her outfit! It's amazing! Notice the dots on her face!

It's going to be amazing!!!! See you there?!!

I'm so excited to be taking part in this very special aspect of Korean culture. Not many Koreans do this anymore and even fewer foreigners get the chance! I can't wait.

I could only find one song that fit and it doesn't even fit that well. Enjoy!


Now that the wedding date is set for May 4th, 2008, it's time to start planning, among many things, the honeymoon.

Luckily, we are already in Asia which has perfect honeymoon destinations, but I thought some input might be fun. Just suggest a place without any consideration of money. Of course, that is a HUGE consideration, but if you exclude something because of that and it turns out that the island or country right next it is affordable, then we would be missing out.

Here's something to inspire...

And no, Kokomo is not an option, but what song could be better?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Damn gym guy...

You know, I go to the gym as much as possible these days. I like it. However, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go on my lunch break and every time there is this guy that only works out his "lats" and I want to use that damn machine too. The guy's shoulders are huge and the rest of his body is tiny, so why doesn't he do anything else? Every time I'm on a machine or lifting something, I'm keeping a watchful eye on him and hoping to time it just right so I can swoop in a steal the machine. This might sounds immature, but a confrontation would be silly and neither one of us would understand beyond a series a points and nods.

Today I was all geared up for it. He went to get water and I finished my set quickly and walked over. I swear he saw me in the mirror, dropped his water and ran over to that machine. This guy kills me! I'll get him though. I'm going to tie his shoes laces together so he trips and has to watch me use his machine.

That would be great!

Here's to my archenemy at the gym: the "lat" guy!

It's not the original, but the orginal had way too many men in speedos and I figured you had enough with "Relax". This more of a parody. Right up my alley!

My face hurts...

I woke up today feeling like someone had punched me in the face several times before I went to sleep. The left side of my face is so sore. It turns out that I have a pretty intense sinus infectiion. Maybe not, but I'll going to the doctor today, so we'll see.

Luckily, I have been smoke-free for over nine weeks. That's including when I'm drinking, which also has subsided severely. All my friends still go out and stay out until 6am. (Even if they have wives, fiances or girlfriends at home!) I'm just not seeing the point or draw to that anymore. It's fine for them, but I'm happy going home early.

Tuesday is my easy day. I'm hoping to work more next month though. They told me they would try. I do like the free time that I have, but I'd rather be working. Besides, I could work until 6 or 7 and still get home before 고! Poor, 고! She's doing great though. I'll find out her recent project website and post it on here soon!

I have been filling my time with this though...

고 and I love this...

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I did nothing all day today and it was great. I ate Subway, watched Arrested Development, worked out and studied Korean all at home and with no plans. 고 had her company hiking trip all day, so I had the day. It was relaxing.

Tonight, we're going bowling. It's been years for me, so I figured it'd be fun.

We went to Ganghwa-do a couple of weeks ago. It was fun. We got to see North Korea. It was nice. Ganghwa Island has a great history that you should check out on wikipedia. Here are some pics...

That's North Korea across the water. It's barren, but beautiful.

This is at the top of Mount Mani.

It was fun and really pretty!

So, here's to my day of relaxation. (The video is a little weird)

Early Mornings

These days I've been waking up so early. 고운 gets up well before seven and, of course, once she is up I can't stay asleep because our apartment is not that big and I'm not going to complain.

It's okay though. I wake up, check out some news and the Fantasy Basketball league that I have joined and then I make her breakfast. Don't get too excited. All I do is take some lunch from school and heat it up. Lunch for breakfast does not sound great, but in Korea, they typically eat the same thing for every meal. There is some variety, but rice, soup and some meat is usually involved.

I'm up now and it's 7:30am. I woke up early because 고 has a work hiking event at Muido Island in the Yellow Sea. It's about an hour away. She's not looking forward to it too much, but Korean companies require a lot of you.

I played Monopoly last night. It was fun. I played with Micah, Glen and Greg. I won. I usually try to corner the yellows and greens. It works most of the time.

So, Steve Colbert got denied permission to run on the SC Democratic ballot. I'm not surprised though. I don't know if he would have made a good President, but at least it will give him some good material for his show. I like the guy and I know that he would not have been that bad. Plus, he would have been so funny in the debates.

It's so funny! It's classic. I love seeing Colbert pretend to defend his fictious views. Watch Russert try to be serious.

I started thinking about Australia yesterday. I think it would be a neat place to live. Hmmm...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween is still fun!

We had the task of making a scary haunted house for the students. Last year, we were not as successful, but this time we hard some new ideas. The kids were all terrified and most of the cried through the morning. We even scared the older kids!

The teachers worked hard this year and dressed the part.

Can you find me?

I would put up some pics of crying kids, but I figured that might be a little mean.

It was fun, but the day has past. It's not like the days of walking around in the old neighborhood in Nashville, but it's the most fun I can have as a 25 year old.

Last night we had a little party. Beer, soju and games seem to be the norm. Nothing too wild, but then again I'm not really doing much on the wild side these days.

I've been doing well with the gym these days. I went today in between classes. It was odd. There was no one in the gym. The music was on, the lights were on and the door was open, but no one was there. The employees weren't even there. I worked out for about forty minutes and went on my way. I'm going back tonight with 고 when she gets off. It will be a light one though.

고 is working so hard as well. She's been working at home too! It's so cute! I'm very proud of her dedication to this job!

I gave up on my beard. I tried and it was just not fully connecting the sideburns to the stache and chin. It was close though. I'll try again...maybe.

Here you go, as promised...

Here's to Michael Jackson!