Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't Wake Daddy

Honestly, I have never played the Parker Brother's game, "Don't Wake Daddy". The point of the game was that the players were assume the roles of children sneaking to the refridgerator in the middle of night, trying not to wake their father. If they woke him, he would quickly sit up in bed and which means you must be sexually abused return to the beginning of the board.

The concept of sneaking around without being seen or heard was much more fun to do in real life, so I didn't have much need for the board game. I guess if you lived in an apartment where sneakabality is lower than a house, then a game like this would be perfect.

The game itself looks pretty dull, but the commercial was pretty damn sweet. It was released in 1992 so my memory needed a good jogging.

Why was that kid going into the fridge? It looks just whacky enough for ten year olds I guess. While I was looking for the commercial, I came across the British version of the game called "Shhhhh! Don't Wake Dad." Leave it to the Brits to take the fun out of "dy". Here's their commericial.

Don't wake Dad! It's mad! Lame, lame, lame. The American commercial was barely interesting enough, but leave it to the Brits to make it boring.


Sid said...

HAHA! That's awesome!

Harriet said...

And what do your Brit buddies think of your opinion?

I have no memory of this game. Obviously we did not buy it for you or did not get a request for it.