Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dokdo and Dry Cleaning

While a little over the top, I admit that it makes picking up dry cleaning (the first time) a tad more interesting.

"...last year, when Chang-Duck Jeon, president of the Korean Dry Cleaners Association, assumed the role of publicist: He ordered 250,000 “Dokdo bags” from a South Korean manufacturer and solicited orders from the approximately 3,000 Korean-owned dry cleaners in the city. About 100 of them ended up stocking the bags."

I'd like to see Dokdo advertisments on condoms, tampons and toothpaste personally and, judging by the logic used to here, I just might get my wish.

He came up with the idea in July, during one of the semiregular flare-ups over the islands, which are now administered by South Korea. Mr. Jeon could not remember exactly what had set him off, but that month, the Japanese Education Ministry asked teachers and textbook publishers to make sure Japanese students understood their country’s claim to the islets.

Yes! Dispute equals dry cleaning bags!