Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Literal Versions of Classic Music Videos

Literal versions of popular music videos have been getting a lot of attention on Youtube and other related sites recently. It's pretty simple: People sing over the video with their own lyrics detailing what is actually happening in the video. The best ones are from the 80s and 90s when people still made creative music videos.

Here's the literal version of Ah-ha's "Take on Me".

I like this one alot too. Tears for Fears is great anyways, but this makes them even better.

Here's a little "Under the Bridge" by RHCP.

I just found this one today while I was snooping around. It's much better than the original.

And I'll end with Billy Idol.

Watch them. Laugh.


Sid said...

I wasted about an hour at work the other day watching those...pretty hilarious. I think Under the Bridge is the best one that I have seen.

The Clam said...

I'm torn really. They're all pretty great.

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