Friday, March 06, 2009

"Green" Koreans Arrested (because of Americans)

I don't condemn, nor do I condone these guys, but still am preplexed by those who think using or doing drugs in Korea is a good idea. These guys were asking for it if you ask me.

Four men were arrested Thursday for planting and smoking marijuana in their apartment and sharing ``tips'' online. Two others were booked for buying their plants for consumption.

Not the smartest growers, but at least they were wise enough to include an American in the project, so they can pass the blame later. Furthermore, what kind of idiot teacher would get involved with these goons knowing they were posting their methods on a blog?

Thirty-year-old Yeon and two others, including one American English instructor, shared his information and bought marijuana seed from Britain. They grew the plant in a closet on the veranda of his apartment in Haengdang-dong, Seoul, for five months and smoked the derived drug.

Would this have made the news if an American wasn't involved? I doubt it. Of the 1,170 Koreans arrested in 2007 on marijuana charges, I don't remember seeing anything in the paper.


Korea Beat said...

Maybe not in the English-language papers, but drug crimes do get into the Korean media. Usually they're either smugglers being caught in Incheon, westerners smoking pot, or Southeast Asian factory workers on speed.

The Clam said...

Yeah, I figured that line might get me in trouble. I looked on Korea Beat for some related posts, but couldn't find anything.

Any links?