Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foreigner Dating Assistance

I think we're doing just fine, but Sunoo wants to make some more cash and have proven they have no shame lying for profit.

Maybe I've been in Korea too long and suspect that everything is somehow "anti-foreigner", but this one seems a little suspect.

Sunoo, the country's second-largest matchmaking firm by market share, last month kicked off a matchmaking site for foreigners, becoming the first local agency to offer services to non-Koreans.

With an online registration ( fee of $20, members can instantly access Sunoo's client database of 15,000 men and women ― 200-300 Koreans who speak English and currently 50 foreigners residing in Korea ― explained Erica Oh, global team manager of Sunoo.

The article goes on to talk about safety and other concerns with managing foreigners, but I see this as an effort to put foreigners in relationships with anybody else BUT Koreans. Besides, Korean women can't actually fall in love with foreigners. They just want to study English.

Am I losing perspective?