Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate 1

The first debate was an interesting one. Barack Obama was collected, serious, not personable and very informed. McCain was condescending, easily irritated, increasingly tired looking and gave me the impression that was contemptuous of Obama for having the nerve to challenge him on foreign policy and the presidency. Apparently, he feels as if he is entitled to it.

Luckily, most viewers did not. The GOP thought McCain won. The Dems thought that Obama won and, luckily, the Indy's thought Obama won. That's actually pretty impressive. This was supposed to be an easy one for McCain. After all, it's his "speciality". The next two will be Obama territory and Palin might wet her pants.

This writer has an interesting take.

"The first presidential debate was more than a clash of ideology or temperaments. Barack Obama and John McCain did not even wrestle over the $700 billion economic bailout. Theirs was a generational collision, and at times it looked almost like a dramatic rendition of Freudian family tension: an older patriarch frustrated and even cranky when challenged by a would-be successor to the family business who thinks he can run it better."

From where I'm standing, every single news outlet, journalist and analyst is giving this one to Obama. Ouch for McCain, especially since it was his territory.

Next is Palin and I think that should sufficiently sink the ship.

***The polls that come out today will not reflect the debate. We'll need to wait a couple days for the reaction to filter in.