Thursday, September 04, 2008

Live-Blogging Palin

Guiliani just finished...douche.

Palin is on.

She enters to raucous applause. Starts with praising McCain about his courage. Says she wants McCain to be the CIC of her son. I guess she doesn't mind that he will be deployed for four solid years if McCain wins.

Family time. She introduces her family. Boyfriend looks uncomfortable. I don't blame him. Special needs kids are the best. She will fight for you. I guess that doesn't mean health care though. Todd involved in Big Oil. For some reason, she keeps on talking about his snow mobile racing. That qualifies her. She calls him "her guy". She's trying to make herself appear more motherly.

She talks about people who grow food and fight for our country are more proud than those who don't. I guess she's not proud. She's just your average hockey mom. Makes a ridiculous joke about a pit pull and moms. They keep on saying the Obama is looking down on her time as a mayor. She insults community organizers. Looks like she lost that vote. She's whining about Obama's "guns" comment.

If she doesn't change her speech, she's not going to appeal to anyone, but herself. The goons start chanting "NBC! NBC! NBC!". She's saying suck it, Media!!! Whoops. Maybe she forgot that the media sets the tone of the election. She sounds like she is a supporter of the GOP, not a candidate.

This speech was supposed to be her attempt to show her presidential qualities. This is a joke. One liners don't sit well with leaner's. She is focusing on all the issues that have already been debunked as a myth. This sounds a lot like Cindy McCain's speech.

Again, she said the "Thanks, but no thanks" line. Again, debunked. She's going on and on about oil. Not a good move. Her speech writer sucks. It's only been ten minutes and she saying the same thing over and over again.

This speech will do nothing. No numbers will move. What a bore. She starts lying about Obama now. Lies, lies, lies.... She makes a Moses joke. They have yet to mention the economy. Only McCain is good, I'm a mom, oil is good and Iraq is heaven. She lies about Obama's tax plan. That will be an easy fix. Her speech is fading. She tries to insult Reid. It flopped. Her maverick lined flopped too.

I can't believe how many shots she is taking at Obama and then leaving an awkward pause for applaud. She goes back to McCain's POW status. He was in war, so elect him. The POW thing flopped as well. She's speaking very abstractly now. It's above the average GOP head.

I can wrap this up. Nothing is being said. She didn't prove a thing to anybody. She's talked for 20 minutes about nothing. She went with the typical GOP line of attack: liberals are bad, media is bad, we are good. This might be well a received speech, but did not calm any of the storm that she brought to the ticket.

The crowd loves it. The Media will praise it, but nothing was done to combat her issues.

Old Man McCain crept on the stage. I guess he was woken up from his nap. The GOP cheerleaders love him. He gave Palin an odd robot hug. They sat up there for too long.


John B. Romeiser said...

Impressive play-by-play and so accurate.

Sid said...

"Odd robut hug"....ha!I noticed that too, but your description is perfect.