Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Format

Since there is too much going on these days for me to even pretend to have enough to write about, I am going to adopt a different format for the election coverage. You'll see what I mean very soon...

In the meantime, make sure you don't miss Obama's interview with O'Reilly and Olbermann. I believe they are at 8pm???


Harriet said...

Saw the Olbermann one but it will be continuing this week like the O'Reilly one. We taped the O'Reilly one.

Rachel Maddow said Obama seems to be so cool and collected as he moves forward. He will not let the polls fluster his message or turn him nasty.

Sid said...

I also saw the Olbermann and a little of the O'Reilly one. I forgot how big of an ass O'Reilly really is. Also, I think Rachel Maddow is right and I'm glad she has her own show now.