Monday, September 01, 2008

The "Game-Changer"

It's pretty clear that McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was a move out of desperation and fear. He watched Obama make history and he thought he would do the same...over 20 years after the Democrat's did. Regardless of what the pundits say (most say it was ballsy, but dumb except for Hannity and Limbaugh), this was a clear and thoughtless pandering to the hardcore Right of the GOP wing. He got them more excited about their own shallowness and for the first time in this election, he has some enthusiastic supporters. Welcome to the club, you're about nine months and 300 million bucks late.

My favorite analysis of this thoughtless choice is calling it a "game-changer". This is not a game-changer. Throwing a anti-science, anti-abortion, pro-guns and pro-Big Oil candidate into the mix is not a game-changer. It's a solidification of the extremes that even John McCain could not claim as his own. Palin is so far to the right that if she were to somehow end up in the White House, it would make Mike Huckabee look liberal. Appealing to this base was the stated goal, but the point was that she is a women. This is a glaring example of political tokenism. Remember Harriet Meiers? Women are already saying that they are offended by the perceived presumption that John McCain thinks that ovaries directly effects a fellow ovarian voter.

Not only are women and men offended by this pander, but the voters don't seem to think to highly of her readiness to lead.

39% say she is ready to serve as president if needed, 33% say she isn't, and 29% have no opinion.

That's the lowest vote of confidence in a running mate since the elder George Bush chose then-Indiana senator Dan Quayle to join his ticket in 1988. In comparison, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden was seen as qualified by 57%-18% after Democrat Barack Obama chose him as a running mate last week.

This is the lowest number that any VP has ever received. I'm a little shocked though. I think 39% is way too high, but then again, 30% of American's still think that W. Bush is doing a good job and I can attribute the other 9% to curiosity.

The only advantage to Palin is that she was unknown, even to McCain. People might be willing to give her a chance. She's a fresh face (horrible voice) and people claim that she was in a beauty contest once. I assume that that contest was by Alaskan standards though. The disadvantage to Palin is that she is unknown. People have already discovered her positive sides like her...((crickets))...uhm...she has five children...uhm...she's...a...she's a mother...and stuff. Right and just like we are seeing now, she is being vetted by the people and the Media, not the McCain staff who clearly didn't do their job.

It was a mistake and McCain just took the role of the confused soccer player who scores the game winning goal ON HIMSELF!

She might have dominated the news for two days and McCain needed that, but now Gustav is getting ready to highlight the good times from GOP's glory days.

Palin is a game-changer...for Obama.