Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin and McCain

I went out for some drinks last night and came back to some of the greatest news. McCain had made the most blunderous VP selection ever. Quayle was better. McCain selected a woman who is widely right-wing and dangerously close to becoming President in the slight chance that McCain does win in November. I guess we should be happy he chose a woman, even if she is entirely unqualified to be Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world. It's absolutely sexist. He didn't care who she was, and only met her once in his life. He needed the best skirt available, and he got it. Obama didn't think Hillary was right for the position. I might disagree a little, but he made that decision knowing the impact it could have.

McCain didn't care one bit. Leave my wife for the rich chick on the block. Leave the duty to my country by bringing in a skirt for shock value. Deplorable really. It will not work.

I have more time to write about her later, but we have two things to look forward to.

1) Biden will eat her alive during the debates. It will be so bad that Palin might get a few sympathy points.

2) Obama needs to quietly raise the issue that McCain's age and her lack of any experience is a big conflict.

3) Her husband works for BP. Enough said.


Harriet said...

He works for BP? I thought he was a commercial fisherman?

I heard a MI congresswoman compare Palin to Phyllis Schlafly today...kind of right on.

Rush Limbaugh is high as a kite and not on oxycontin!