Monday, August 04, 2008

Why Does McCain Challenge Obama to Debate?

McCain has been making all sorts of threats and challenges to Obama for additional debates and town hall meetings. Obama has played it cool and wisely opted for the traditional three debates. He understands how the media works and why it is important to stay out of the limelight in certain forums. McCain doesn't really get this, but it has been rumored that he isn't allowing the press access to him on the road anymore.

McCain likes to make the big talk and feed the media "Obama backs down to McCain debate challenge" narratives and other useless AP headlines. Yet, when I see this type of thing coming from McCain so regularly it makes me think: Maybe he should be debating this guy OR I can't wait until the debates when Obama buries McCain.

Here is McCain's response to a very straight-forward question.

My question: It is very clear that McCain stumbles through even the simplest questions. Do you think he is challenging Obama to debate so he can try to get the narrative out there (like Bush did) that he might not be so eloquent with words, but he speaks with substance or truth(iness) or honor or whatever adjective distracts people from the empty suit this guy is?

It seems that using Obama's orating skills against him is the only way McCain can spin this.


Harriet said...

Wow! That video was impressive, wasn't it? It must be one question at a time, I guess.

Micah said...

To be fair, he was ready to answer to first question when she asked the second one. The two questions could have been separated.

The Morning Clam said...

That was simple two-part question that he stumbled over. Are you saying that he can't answer either one of them unless they are separated? This guy is trying to be president. He should be able to field these types of questions. I'm glad he can't. The debates are going to be fun.