Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Convention: Michelle Obama

Wow! I'll say it again. Wow! Michelle Obama delivered an amazing, emotional, thoughtful, substantive speech tonight that forced this man to battle the salty discharge that almost made contact with cheek right in the middle of my office. I won the battle, but most of the eyes in the Pepsi Center certainly did not.

Best quote:

“The Barack Obama I know today is the same man I fell in love with 19 years ago. He’s the same man who drove me and our new baby daughter home from the hospital 10 years ago this summer, inching along at a snail’s pace, peering anxiously at us in the rearview mirror, feeling the whole weight of her future in his hands.”

Great image. Great speech. I'm feeling very good about the convention so far and it's only going to get better. Clinton tomorrow!!