Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain, Hillary and AP

According to the AP, tensions between Hillary and Obama supporters are about to "boil over". Of course, if you read the article it doesn't mention any specifics of even the slightest hostility. It simply says the Bill Clinton would rather be discussing the economic legacy of the 90's, rather than what he has been asked to discuss which is security. I understand his frustration, but this does not suggest that there is potential for a huge rift to be exposed. The AP loves McCain and is doing everything they can to tighten the race. That's fine. I have gotten around listening and reading AP garbage by removing their feed from my Yahoo mail account.

The bottom line is that the Media is trying to tarnish the convention with wall-to-wall coverage of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. They are playing up McCain's attempt to attract her supporters and giving him free press access to this issue.

That this ad for example...

"Really...it's okay." Besides the fact that people like this are supporting McCain so Hillary can run 2012, they are probably the worst part of this election. They are blaming Obama for beating her. They are blaming the Media's sexism on Obama. If Obama loses (he won't), I blame them.

You know why? Would any self-respecting Dem AND women vote for this?

But according to McCain, she should have been the running mate.

"Ad's narrator: "She won millions of votes - but isn't on his ticket. Why? For speaking the truth, on his plans...The truth hurt, and Obama didn't like it."

Absurd. The convention is under way. I just watched John Legend sing and now Pelosi is up. Let's go!!!!