Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain and Wikipedia

This has got to be the worst speech I have ever listened to. Besides the fact that the historical references were clearly lifted Wikipedia, he uses the most inappropriate language when talking about it. Can you pick up where he's reading wiki?

"Our thoughts and prayers are with that brave little nation."

Brave little nation? A little shallow McCain. They are fighting and dying over there and images of Disney movies come to mind with that kind of comment. I especially liked this one.

"I spoke with the Georgian president today whom I've known for many years."

Right. They're being invaded and he wants to talk to someone who has nothing to do with his nation and can offer no help. You know, when I was four I met Andy Williams. I've known him for many years now. I also met Wes Clark and have known him for many years as well. Just because you met someone does not mean you can forever claim to have known him or her.

"Today, we are all Georgians."

Give me a fucking break! Thanks McCain, but I am not a Georgian. I'm not going to buy into that weak line. And if you're Georgian, how do YOU say YOUR presidents name?