Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Convention: Hillary Delivers

I have heard the anti-Hillary Dems whining and saying that she was insincere. I have heard the MSM saying that she was not complimenting Obama, but stroking her own ego. And I have heard people claim that is was the best convention speech that we're going to get. They're all wrong. Bottom line is that Hillary delivered and she took a very difficult task and handled it well. It was a brilliant speech and she has done her part.

The focus seems to be on the over-dramatized rift that groups like PUMA have thrust into the spotlight, but what really happened is that Hillary drew a very obvious line in the sand between the Dems and the GOP. I would think that McCain might slow down on the GOP/Hillary ads unless he wants to piss off his already frustrated base.

Good work. I can't wait for Biden and I'm looking forward to the key ring theme that I hope is going to happen tomorrow.

Until then...