Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle's Speech and My Wife

I've been thinking a lot about Michelle Obama's excellent speech at the convention. She delivered it fantatically and I know that it really spoke to millions of Americans. She certainly spoke to me.

Four years ago this speech wouldn't have been that big of a deal to me. Two years ago it wouldn't have made a difference either. It wasn't until May 4th, the greatest day of my life -my wedding, that this speech had the potential to effect me. It wasn't until I married my wonderful wife that I could start to understand this kind of speech. When you hear about love and marriage when you are not married, it is all the same to you. It doesn't leave an imprint. But today, as I watched and listened to her speech, I was overcome with emotions that I had never felt before or had even known exsisted.

I listened to her as a husband. I listened to her knowing that my beautiful wife, 고운, is going to have our children in the next few years and I, too, will be like Barack and know the feeling of looking in that tiny rear-view mirror and seeing my entire world. Seeing those adorable little girls talking to their father and asking "What city are you in, Daddy?" was the cutest and most priceless moment that I have seen Obama in.

This speech was not political for me. In fact, this speech made one thing very clear: this election doesn't matter as much I think it does. What matters is my wife and future family.

What the Obama Family showed me today was that they don't care about this election as much as they care about each other. They love each other and win or lose, they will still have each other. It's nice to see this type of love in public.

Great speech.


Harriet said...

Wonderful thoughts, George, and really very true. What matters most....is family! With them by your side all else pales in comparison.