Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bush, Georgia and Iraq

Bush had the gall to say this today:

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state.... Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.... We have no doubts about it. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy an entire country and change the

Perhaps the most hypocritical thing ever said in the 21st century. What a fucking putz.


Sid said...

I saw that quote and thought the exact same thing. However, I do have to play devil’s advocate and point out a little bias in the reporting of this by some. If you look at the whole quote, Bush says “Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people”. I think this was an attempt by Bush block any comparison of this to the invasion of Iraq because Iraq’s government wasn’t “a democratic government elected by its people”. Of course, I still believe you can make a strong case that the two events are the same, but I don’t understand the need to omit the part about the democratic government. This was obviously omitted intentionally because it makes the comparison to Iraq stronger. It seems that people think if you leave out parts of the quote, it will make your case stronger when it really only makes you seem like you are not fairly reporting the news. I have seen type of reporting on quite a few alternative media sources and it is just giving the right wingers more fire power to continue to discredit them. I have seen people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and of course Bill-O do this many times. Of course, all these guys are notorious for this kind of reporting, but I think that it is shoddy reporting by both “sides”. Thoughts?

The Morning Clam said...

Where did you find the whole quote? I pasted that exact quote from YahooNews (which was from the AP).

Why are they biasing the news on this? Maybe the media doesn't want to sell the US getting involved in another war OR Bush is such an easy target that they don't even have to try anymore.

Sid said...

I heard it o CNN this morning and then I read a post on The Daily Kos and the first thing I noticed was they left that part out. I obviously agree with the point, but when you leave part out like that it just sets you up to be discredited. Maybe they just got the quote from the same place you did though. I'm not sure why or if the AP left it out on purpose. Maybe it is just too easy these days to make Bush look bad.

Anonymous said...

The first half of that quote was taken (out of context) from Bush's address Monday.

The second half wasn't Bush, it was the Georgian ambassador who talked about regime change. Sloppy.