Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Chuck Todd has got it right. He says that the Obama-Clinton rift is being overhyped, and that it's a minor story that is being magnified by a press looking for some drama to write about. He suggests all of this will blow over once Teddy Kennedy and Michelle Obama hit the stage tonight.

Bottom Line: PUMA is just a loud, annoying fringe group. And now I discovered that there is a group called "Clintons For McCain". Matthews had them on the air. The problem with these women is that they were never for Clinton in the first place. PUMA was founded by Republicans who saw the potential in widening the rift by creating the first crack.

The Republican National Committee appears ready to roll out the red carpet for Hillary Clinton supporters, over a newly-registered internet domain ClintonsForMcCain.com.

Though the web address does not yet go anywhere, the RNC registered the domain name on May 15, according to whois data from the registrar Network Solutions. That was nine days after Clinton's disappointing showing in the North Carolina primary, which prompted NBC's Tim Russert to declare the race effectively over for Clinton.

An e-mail to two RNC officials about their plans went unanswered Thursday.

The Republicans appear to be capitalizing on the bitter disappointment, anger and disillusionment that Clinton supporters are feeling right now. Much of it is on display on the web in the comments section on both Clinton's website


Harriet said...

Did you see Chris Matthews taking on the "Clinton Supporters for McCain" who suggested that she had a congressional report that stated that Obama was registered as a Muslin at this Indonesian School? Chris really worked her over and she was quite rude and base in my opinion.

I hate to even give people like that a forum.

Sid said...

I saw that. I loved her response when he asked her a question about the report: "I'm not telling."