Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama, McCain and Georgia

Expect the next line of attacks against Obama to be related to foriegn policy. With the Georgia-Russia issue flaring up and over-shadowing the Olympics, McCain is getting super excited. He's finally getting what he wants and when he told voters, "My friends, there will be more wars", he is hoping that he was telling the truth.

First of all, if we elect McCain, there will be more wars. That's certain. This guys mind is framed around the concept. He has never won one or had anything to do with a successful one, but he wants them. After all, war scares people and when people are scared they vote for the guy claiming protection. So, if the Media allows McCain and Bush to dictate the narrative like always, then we can guarantee more wars.

Obama should use this opportunity to stress a few points:

1) There is no way that the US can even consider getting involved in this because of our unnecessary depletion of military resources in Iraq.

2) America is not the the police of the world.

3) For once, America needs to look at what the ramifications of such an offensive would be.

Anyone still agree with me about Clark?