Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obama and Hagel

I am a Democrat. I vote for Democrats and I support Democrats. I would be very upset if the GOP weaseled in on Obama's ticket. I don't care who the hell you are or how many indy voters you can swing. Any member from the GOP should not be on a Dem ticket. Period! For some reason, it is the GOP who is leading the charge. Does anyone not see the problem here? The GOP, the party is virtual ruins, thinks it's a good idea to put the GOP on the ticket. They claim that it would heal wounds and create a more bipartisan atmosphere. If I remember correctly, we are just now emerging from a vicious partisan GOP rule where all dissent was squashed. Why on earth should the Dems offer anything to these scumbags? No, no, no!!!

"Former Republican Rep. Jim Leach endorsed Barack Obama's White House bid Tuesday, and said he hopes the Illinois senator considers a former GOP ally of rival John McCain as his running mate.

Speaking on a conference call with reporters to announce a new effort among Republicans in support of Obama's candidacy, Leach said he thought Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel should join the Democratic ticket.

"There are a number of impressive potential vice presidential candidates and this is a singular decision for one person, and that is Barack Obama," Leach said. "But personally I'd be hopeful in the list of serious candidates to be considered would be Chuck Hagel, whether it be for the veep position or a serious position in an Obama administration."

Sure, Hagel opposes Bush, McCain and war, but since when did those GOP narratives and issues become the cornerstone of the Dem party? Hagel opposes abortion and gay marriage as well as a huge list of other issues on the progressive agenda. No to Hagel. Give him a cabinet job if you must, but that's all!!!