Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain is Oblivious

McCain is running an honorable campaign!!

Even Andrea Mitchell, who was called a liar by the McCain camp, is fighting to make the point that McCain himself is running an honorable campaign. I think it's interesting (and typical) that the pundits are defending McCain by excusing him from taking responsibility for his nasty and low-class ads. They are letting him off the hook by callously passing the blame to his advisers. And they are doing it for him!! He doesn't even have to spoon feed them narratives anymore!

Mitchell says,

"They're traveling. They're giving speeches. They don't see what we all see...we're fixated on this stuff. They don't know."
It seems to me that Obama is not releasing these kinds of baseless attacks. It seems to me Obama is tuned in to what is going outside his campaign. It also seems to me that by phrasing it as "they", rather than "him" or "McCain", they are trying to include Obama in McCain's clueless, uninformed and (literally) spoon-fed bubble.

Maybe this is good though. What needs to be read into this and perhaps the media intended to make this point (HA!), is the insinuation that McCain just relies on what his advisers tell him. This would make sense since he still claims to believe that he is running an honest and honorable campaign.

I think that McCain's admitted incompetency to personally engage with the (wired and technological) world is proving to be a serious liability.

Here's a candidate who is missteps over the simplest historical, political and geographical facts. He has confessed to know very little about the economy or how to operate a computer. He flips and flops on every issue, but still does not have the wherewithal to know that millions of us can watch his daily panderings. And now, we are learning that he relies on what advisers are telling him which he accepts as truth and that they are his only contact to the outside world.

And we thought Bush was bad.