Monday, August 11, 2008

China and Fake Fireworks

Not that China needed to do anything else to ensure the word "fake" is synonymous with the Chinese brand and one would think that the Olympics would be a stage somewhat separated from that image. You would think, but the Chinese would not. As if their amazing opening needed something extra, China decided to fake their fireworks for the viewers at home.

"London's Telegraph newspaper reports that some of the fireworks which appeared over Beijing during the television broadcast of the Olympic Opening Ceremony were actually computer generated. "

China actually did shoot the fireworks in question off at the ceremony, but the concerns over helicopter safety led to the "fake" computerized fireworks. I don't really think that this is a big deal, but China is showing very little concern for the main criticism directed at their government and country. Those being fake or dangerously low-quality products and freedom of speech and press.

It'll be interesting to see if these anti-Chinese protests will continue after the Games have ended or if China will be able to continue it's oppression relatively unfettered.


Anonymous said...

you know nothing about this country so just shut up

Anonymous said...

"you know nothing about this country so just shut up"

how will we ever defend ourselves from such cleverly crafted replies.

I think its you that knows nothing...

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who says we don't know nothing about China... think again.

I am Chinese and I have friends and relatives from China with good connection with them. Only difference, I am Western born and educated with FREEDOM.

China known for fakes:
1.) Fake Watches
2.) Fake Cell Phones
3.) Fake Clothes
4.) Fake Software
5.) ...down to fake orgasms?

Yes... fake fireworks on the opening display. Especially on a worldwide and historical event--the Olympics.

China's Olympic Ceremony is a real joke.

When my Chinese parents tells me to watch China's Olympic opening ceremony, I politely declined and opted to watch "The Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken."

When I heard about the fake fireworks, I laughed at just how ignorant the Chinese government could be. From Human Rights violation, corrupt officials and now to fake fireworks...what a joke. This will surely go down in history.

Ah yes, the Chinese government would brain-wash their young generations saying just how jealous the western cultures are.

Why should us Western nations be jealous of a country full of Piracy, Fake Knock offs, and lack of creative ideas to lead humanity in a new frontier?

The Morning Clam said...

Anonymous #1:

Very typical line of attack.

Anonymous #2:


Anonymous #3:

You forgot...

1) Contaminated food
2) Lethal children's toys
3) winning arguments by saying "shut up"

Anonymous said...

Shut up! The fireworks were real, they just shown homeveiwers computer version for some vedio production practical reason. People like you just hate China become better and better.

The Morning Clam said...

If you read my original post you would know that I said, "China actually did shoot the fireworks in question off at the ceremony, but the concerns over helicopter safety led to the "fake" computerized fireworks".

I know that being told that the world "hates China" shores up even more nationalism, but that is not the case. I said that the computer generations were not "a big deal", yet you refused to listen.

China needs to start listening to its own people, rather than trolling around the internet, whining about anti-Chinese sentiments.

From the AP:

"The beating of two Japanese journalists by police in western China drew an official apology Tuesday, but Beijing also set new obstacles for news outlets wanting to report from Tiananmen Square in the latest sign of trouble for reporters covering the Olympics.

In the latest restriction, the Beijing city government said on its Web site that Chinese and foreign journalists who want to report and film in Tiananmen “are advised to make advanced appointments by phone.” It said that will help ensure orderly newsgathering amid what are expected to be large crowds in the square on each day of the games, which start Friday."

But listening is not spying:

"Beijing’s thousands of taxicabs are being fitted with video cameras and satellite technology that transmits a live audio feed of what is being said in the cab back to a computer for monitoring and linguistic analysis, according to industry sources.

“It was about two or three months ago. All the taxis in our company had this fitted,” an employee at a major Beijing cab company said. “There is a screen which displayes the exact location of the vehicle. The taxi is also able to send information back to us at the control station. All the taxis registered with us have had the modifications."

Besides not allowing dissent from foreigners, how about from its own people? Nah:

"China’s thousands of petitioners—people trying to lodge complaints over alleged wrongdoing by officials in their home region—are major targets. When lawsuits and local complaint procedures fail to win redress, thousands of petitioners try to take their cases directly to the capital. They are often intercepted en route by local police.
Those who get as far as the three main complaints offices in central Beijing have rarely been welcomed in the past, and have often been subjected to endless stonewalling and form-filling by officials. Since preparations began for the Olympics, however, they have been met with row upon row of official vehicles, armed police, and public security officials from around the country. [….]

“People were being invited in to discuss their cases and then were being detained and taken away via the back door. I saw this happening today, so I ran away and hid for fear of being detained,” she said. One petitioner, Wu Tianli, said some petitioners had initially been surprised by what appeared to be a warm reception at the central government complaints offices in Beijing, where they were told to come into the center and register their personal details."

And of course, those who fell for it were put into detention centers. This isn't about hate for the Chinese. This is about listening to your own people before you start whining about other nations.

Anonymous said...

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