Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav and the GOP

How offensive is this?

"The unexpected disaster [Gustav] also offers the GOP a do-over on Bush's disastrous response to Katrina three years ago. If the government can do a much better job of responding to a natural disaster this time around, it can only help the GOP"

So, people are going to forgive the GOP for the failed leadership in Katrina where more than 1,800 people died just because they decided the show up as a political stunt during an election year. That makes me furious.

I remember where John McCain was last time when New Orleans sank and so do Americans.

And don't believe for a second that the GOP is not happy that they are suspending most of their convention. They had nothing to say, no highlights and it was going to throw their our-anti-Obama-message-is-a-our-message message in the spotlight. Now, McCain and Palin can walk around Mississippi together. Hey, maybe McCain can tell his Gorilla Rape joke.