Monday, September 22, 2008


The jokers at the AP and other blind media outlets usually are guided by election time hysteria and narratives come and go within hours. I have seen this AP headline on my YahooNews ticker for the past 36 hours. NEVER have I ever seen the same headline on the ticker for more than 6 hours (and that's even a stretch). This is the same tired article that goes along with the Image of the Week/Useless Poll that I talked about two days ago.

Here's the cached headline that has actually moved from a brief mentioning to a headline.

Everything about this article is absurd. The title, "A New Racial Divide", is a pathetic attempt to make it seem like Obama is somewhat responsible for creating this "New" concept of racism and black-white animonsity. The teaser, "And who's to blame?" makes it abuntantly clear that the AP is trying to heighten racial tensions as the election nears. How about the, "Poll: Racial views may cost Obama". Cost him what? The election? Right.

The wedge the AP is going for is pretty apparent. Now that Obama has a comfortable lead, it's time to bring his race back into it and see if that might scare the numbers into tightening.


Harriet said...

So the AP is bent Republican?

Better to have the New York Times on yoru side, right?