Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oprah Denies Palin

Andrew Breitbart at RealClearPolitics.com thinks that the Oprah show is a public forum where the audience should decide who gets to appear on the show.

'Mrs. Palin is history in a dress. And her script is straight out of Hollywood - like those teen movies with the cliched ending featuring the female valedictorian delivering the speech of a lifetime projecting a bold and transformative future with an independent-minded woman in charge."

Besides the fact that this guy offers no basis for his claim that her viewers want to see more of Palin (is that possible?) and is ignoring the fact the Palin is a more of a rightwing nut-job than a self-proclamied reformer and independent woman, he decides to slam Oprah because she doesn't want to give Palin the coverage.
"Yet Oprah Winfrey, the high priestess of the female empowerment movement and America's most adored television host, denies her massive and loyal audience's most obvious wishes because of her single-minded drive to put Barack Obama in the White House."

Obvious wishes? Right. He also blames Oprah for Hillary not getting the nod.