Thursday, February 12, 2009

A-11 Offense is for Girls

Eleven eligible receivers? Plus, this looks like two quarterbacks to me.

I don't like this idea one bit.

"In the A-11, players do not wear the traditional jersey numbers for linemen: they use 1-49, and 80 through 99, which is legal. This means that all 11 players on offense can be eligible for a pass. In essence, the offense creates an island for 11 players, spreading the defense out, and looking for one-on-one matchups."
It pretty much makes for chaos.

Maybe I'm out of the loop on this, but I wasn't aware of the tension between "traditional" eligible receiver rules and this A-11 business. Coach Bryan is very aware though.
"There is a demonstrative benefit of using the A-11 offense, and there is room in America for more than one style of football," Bryan said. "There is a loud, ugly minority out there that is against this offense. "This is standing up for the little guy in football, the schools without the numbers of kids or the big linemen. There is a huge disconnect between the players on the ground, the kids that play in this offense and the National Federation."
So, he's claiming that he opted for this because his school didn't have enough players or enough linemen. Am I too assume the if his school does get enough players, then he'll return to the standard receiver rules or is it more that he couldn't hack it as a coach without these cheap rules? Regardless, this...
If a player gets set on the line, and another player lines up outside that player, the inside player is ineligible to catch a pass. What the A-11 can do is have offensive players wait until the final seconds of the play clock and then take positions on the line making it difficult for the defense to know, until the last moment, which receivers are eligible.
...equates to pandemonium on the field.