Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wisdom Tooth Removal...again

Two years ago, 고 got her two bottom wisdom teeth removed. And if you recall that, then you'll also remember that it was a very painful and long ordeal. Her cheeks swelled, her wounds got infected and there was even discussion that she might not be able to go with me on vacation to America. Luckily, she healed in time, but the memory lingers.

Well, today it's all coming back as she must return to get her top two taken out. We've got the ice packs, salt and luke warm water ready, but you never know. I imagine she'll be sleeping all day and I'll be putzing around on here.

Wish her luck...


Harriet said...

Please wish her well and let us know how it goes this time. If not well, Dr. Scott in Tulsa stands ready to help again!

The Clam said...

She's doing great! Thanks for asking!