Tuesday, February 24, 2009

X-Rated Film Released on Unsuspecting Koreans

It looks like "Shortbus" will get a shot at the Korean market afterall.

U.S. film "Shortbus," which had to go to the Supreme Court to fight the Korea Media Rating Board over a "restricted screening" rating, will go on general release next month. The KMRB said Thursday that "Shortbus" was rated R in a re-evaluation following the Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the "restricted screening" rating
The poor unsuspecting Korean population will get to witness the joys of "group sex and masturbation" in their very own theaters. But sadly, it will be Koreanized. Which...
"...covers up sexual scenes that are deemed grossly graphic."
Since many "adult" movies in Korea blur out a harmless ass, I'm not expecting too much except for a theater full of Korean's shouting "어떻게!" in unison.