Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Chinese Heart Fireworks

Well, what did they expect?

Old traditions may have clashed with the latest addition to Beijing's increasingly modern skyline, as the nearly finished Mandarin Oriental hotel caught fire Monday night after being showered with a burst of fireworks.

While I was in Beijing this past month, I couldn't believe the amount of fireworks being set off and the seemingly blatant disregard for personal safety.
"The cause of the high-rise blaze was unclear...Preliminary reports said the fire was caused by the illegal use of fireworks, and an investigation is underway, chinanews.com said. While Beijing authorities permitted the use of fireworks downtown this year, fireworks are not allowed inside buildings or on roofs or balconies."

I'd say it's time to review the fireworks law. I know that the Chinese are very proud that they invented fireworks and their New Years celebration is impressive, but this was totally avoidable.