Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Song of the Week: All in Time

This week's song is "All in Time" by Umphrey's Mcgee performed at The Vic Theater in Chicago on MLK Day.

Here's Part 1:

Here's Part 2:

Most of the kids that listen to them now have no idea about the old UM days. I started listening to the nearly 10 years ago when this was what they were doing. I remember in 2001, I wrote their manager over and over again trying to convince them to come to the Southeast to play. They were totally apphrehensive, but decided to make the trip anyways. It was a success and, for my troubles, they put me on the guest list for about two years and sent me bootlegs.

I remember one show when they came to Knoxville. Our group of people were there and we got to go backstage with them. We tried everything we could to stay back there as long as possible. It was sweet. We also have a friend who continued on to the after-party with them and asked the drummer (and founding member) "What would you do if UM failed?"

Less than a month later, he left the band. We tormented her for years about breaking up the band. She didn't of course and the new drummer is even better, but it was funny. I have too many great memories surrounded around these guys and will have many more in the future.

Anyone from home care to add anything?


Sid said...
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Sid said...

I agree. UM is all about "all ages" shows these days. We went to see them Friday and I swear everyone around us was still in high school. I still had a great time though. I finally heard hangover (didn't get kicked out this time) for the first time AND they played 50 ways to leave your lover. It was incredible. Of course, none of the kids knew what was going on. I joked after the show that I have made my peace with Umphrey's, but If the crowd continues to get younger and younger that may be true.

Either way, I also have many great memories involving those guys. Here are my top 5:

5) Cougar's interview with UM...ha!

4) Hanging out backstage...remember how big of a douche Brennan was?

3) The show in ATL where you ran into that guy you knew and he gave us some tasty treats. I remember "Walking on the Moon" and alot about Piedmont Park.

2) Following UM at B-Roo only to get too scared to talk to them.

1) First ATL show when no one else got in. It was an incredible show and we rocked it to Save the Night and Losing My Religion while we somehow found our way back to that creepy apartment.