Friday, April 18, 2008

Bottom of the Barrel

As you saw, I posted the video of Obama's speech that he made in NC that dealt with the debate from the night before. I watched the speech a few times and did not see anything that seemed real bad. I liked his hand motions when refering to "twisting the knife" and dusting of the insults. However, Clinton surragtes did find something that they think was wrong.

Here are some lines from a few pro-Hillary blogs...

Seriously everyone, I don't even know what to say. I obviously prefer Sen Clinton, and have thought Sen Obama was a little inexperienced and lacking in real life understanding. But this. WTF.
How can we back and try to elect someone who is engaging in juvenile behavior, regardless of who its aimed at. How have we come so far backing someone like this as a viable nominee without anyone noticing? What happens if he is the President and things aren't going well.

What does it say about his judgement if he does in the PUBLIC?

I need to drink lots and go to sleep.

it doesn't matter because it is all over the place, ABC News, Th Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. The ABC News video has the best shot. He scratches twice. First with the pinky and then just as he mentions Senator Clinton he turns slightly and there comes the gesture. The women in the back row definitely caught it.
My first reaction was incredulous. My second was anger. Now I just want to cry. I pity him. I really do. I have long thought him duplicitous. I can now add pitiful.

Lord how did we ever arrive at this juncture?

The democratic party has clearly been hijacked by the extreme leftwing. For left-leaning independents, this is very frustrating. The extreme righwing nuts of the Republican party took control of the party and they gave us George W. Bush. The democratic party is in danger of repeating the same mistake---not electing the most capable person into the white house. Our country needs Clinton NOW. There is no time for the empty "hope" talks. In Wednesday debate, it was obvious that while Hillary has provided detailed and substantive proposals, Obama spent most of his time describing this country's problems that we already know. He provided little insight on the solutions to these problems. Obama, I am afraid, is quite hollow in terms of his plan to lead this country to a better future. We need to alarm the democratic party that many independent voters could turn to McCain if Obama is nominated. I think this scenario is quite real and it has not been talked about enough in the main stream media. Take a look. (I vote for McCain if Obama is nominated)

Talk about flipping rocks. Pathetic. Could the Dems cost themselves another election?


sid said...

This would be as humorous as the Seinfeld episode if it wasn’t so sad that people buy into this nonsense. I can’t believe MSNBC even covered this story…ridiculous!

Mom said...

And the story drags it the convention yet?