Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Image of the Week

First of all, I did not edit any of these images myself. I got them from Presumptuous Insect who posted them under their Kos diary. I saw them and simply could not resist.

Over the last few days, we have seen Hillary claim many new things that we did not know about her. Mt favorite part is how her supporters are acting like this is how she has always been. Right!

We heard her hunting story with her grandfather...

And her little, "I felt the Holy Spirit in me" on several occasions line.

Maybe we can get her on the televangelist cycle...

All in all, we can at least rest knowing that we will all be safe...

Seriously though, what will be next? The biggest issue is that TH has been so short-sighted in this election. She won't win this and she is making Obama look like damaged goods. Obama needs act like he has won and start focusing on McCain. It will work.

Question: What will Hillary's next line be?

1) "What would have happened if the dad in Hoosiers didn't say, 'Get outa my face!'"

2) "When I was a girl, my grandfather used to take me to Puerto Rico and say, 'Hill, one day they too will be a state.' I have always fought for you and continue to fight for you!"

3) "Together we can win Kentucky and together we can lower Kentucky's rate of adult tooth loss! I have long questioned the tooth-rating metric and will fight to make it based on race, not by state!"

4) "Together we can win North Carolina and... wait. North Carolina is not big enough to matter. Only the states that I won which have primaries count!

5) "I called Sen. Barack Obama today and congratulated him on his nomination and fully throw my support behind him!"


Sid said...

HAHAHA! Get outa my face!!