Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's worse?

In it's most basic form, let's examine our three potential Presidents and their most obvious physical characteristic.

John Mcain: Old White Guy
Hillary Clinton: Middle-Aged White Woman
Barack Obama: Young African American Man

So, if I vote against McCain it could be considered ageist. And a vote against Hillary could construed as sexist. While a vote against my main man, Obama could be seen as racist.

So, which one is the worst?

Of course, this entire post is stupid, but I thought it was interesting that each candidate could be thrown into a damaging stereotyope.

Just for fun. Which one is worse (imo)?

I think that sexism and racism are tied. So sorry McCain, this "ageist" is voting for the spring chickens.

Question: Do you think that the media will end or change the nature of their love affair with John McCain as the race continues? If so, do you think that they will bring his age and cancerous background into it?

***Update: I think this answer's my question. While I don't like Dr. Gupta that much, this was interesting.

By the way, I thought that survey was useless!


Mom said...

I do not think they will bring up the health history of McCain. The age? Well, maybe the running mate will be scrutinzed more than ever.

Sid said...

I think McCain's age should be a factor in this election. While McCain has many faults, which aren't being addressed by the media, I think his age could be a potential problem. Obama's ability to serve as president isn't going to be going to be hindered because he is black and neither is Hillary's because she is a woman. Well, except for that whole woman thing…Ha! I only kid. Seriously though, McCain's age could have serious consequences on his ability to act as commander in chief. He seems to be healthy, both physically and mentally, but how long can this last once the toll of being president comes into play. He would be 72 by the time he takes office, which means he could potentially be president until he is 80! I am sure that you have seen before and after pictures of presidents, especially two-term presidents. I think he would have a good chance of dying in office or having to step down, which makes his VP choice that much more important. Obviously, most Republicans aren't going to consider this, but if I were an independent thinking of voting for McCain, I would definitely be worried about this. It's not being an "ageist", its just being realistic. However, I’m sure his age, as well as anything negative, won’t get any attention in the mainstream media.