Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grand Ol' Party (of Asia)

I was sent an article the other day by my uncle that was arguing how much Asia prefers the GOP compared to Europe's heavy Dem leaning.

First of all, the Asian in this family is a liberal Dem, so no worries there.

Second of all, I would dispute the article in the sense that Asia as a whole is pro-GOP.

But let's take the article as truth and we can see why this is a pretty easy one to understand. Europe's political system is heavily based on established democracy where, in many cases, the underdog liberal-leaning candidate is propped by the people. The key word there is "people" and in no way do they have to be from a certain strata of society to get to the top. The countries are old (for the most part), small (57 countries in Europe with a fraction of the landmass and population that Asia boasts) and Europe is much wealthier per capita.

I mention those facts because when comparing those main facets of European politics to Asia's, you can see the glaring differences. Asia does not have many established democratic nations. I live in one of a handful. Asia does not prop up the "people's person". They prop up big names and military leaders. The countries are old in age, but not politically immature. It is this political immaturity that seems to hinder Asia's own ability to recognize that superceding the good of the people by fanatically pursuing policies that benefit the government (which is the leaders) that produces these Asian GOP-leaning nations.

If we look at the characteristics of dictatorships and GOP governing styles, many similarities arise. Bush's GOP was right in line with these goons. BushCo spied, falsely arrested, covered-up, purged, suppressed voting rights, ignored international laws, executed, extradited, invaded, propagated and lied, lied, lied. Sounds like Asia as well. Actually, it sounds like many newly budding democracies that are led by people who never cared for their country, but only for the sweet nectar of power.

The GOP is also more willing to trade with some of the these rogue nations if not build them up and support them. That is, of course, until it is time to attack them and start the cycle all over again.

Bottom line:

Europe = Human Rights = Democrats

Asia = Power Struggle = GOP

It's simple...

Question: Does Africa support Gravel?


Oncle Jean said...

Excellent insights, George. Makes sense to me.