Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Recently, it seems that I have been in the right place at the right time and some different and interesting oppurtunities have fallen into my lap. First, at graduation, I was offered a tutoring gig and the best part about that is that the typical pay for that is about fifty bucks an hour. Nice! I took it and have been doing that for a month. It is illegal for E-2 visa holders to do it, but I'll talk about that later (plus I'm marrying a Korean, so it's not an issue). However, I just remember that I never posted the video from my students' graduation. Check it out...

Also, at 고's work they are preparing for SIMTOS (Seoul International Machine Tool Show) which begins next week. It's the fifth largest machine tool show in the world. 고 had mentioned that they were listening to English voice actors and trying to make a choice as to who they wanted for their commericial and opening ceremony. I begged her to ask them if I could audition. She asked and they said yes. So, I went down to the studio, read the script, nailed it and got the job. This voice that I have had might get me something more than strange looks and akward "Why do you talk like that?" questions like that one from my childhood. The video should come out this week.

The other day, we were watching the North Korea v South Korea game and a TV producer approached me and a friend and asked if we wanted to be a debate show on Korea's global channel, "Arirang". We said yes and they contacted us today. We'll be filming next Thursday and it will air on Saturday night.

I'm pumped!


Mom said...

What a great video! Who does the choreography? Really cute!

Your exciting opportunities I knew about and they could not have happend to a better guy!