Monday, April 21, 2008

Televised Debate

No, not the amazing PA debate. This is the debate that Glen and I were in.

The debate can be watched here.

After you click the link, you need to select "Face to Face #7 If You Were Born Again, Would You Prefer to Be a Man or Woman?"

id: morningcalm
password: debate

This might not work. If it does not, let me know and I will figure something out.


GPS said...

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Mom said...

I watched did such a good job.

Yes, we women are very good multi-taskers. That is why we can do it all!

Goose said...

Go GWEE! That was awesome! I thought I was dreaming seeing you on that T.V. show! Great points and you presented and carried yourself VERY impressively! You looked so dapper in your suit and and I can tell that John Hogan is your dad based on all your hand motions and presentation style!

Love you and Trey and Hattie and I are so proud of you!

sid said...

Very good! You look like a politician with that suit on (in a good way).