Friday, April 11, 2008

Looking Beyond

Since I am not certain that BO will win the nomination, I have grown tired of writing about the same trends of this primary season. I want to look beyond a bit and start writing about things that matter. I have not forgot about my "Dissecting McCain" segment and there is so much ammo there, but I'd also like to feature clips from American news and C-Span with my spin on them.

And to start out, I'd like to show you this.

This guy has always been dead on. He raises some good points and they are the same that Obama raised when questioning Petraeus(although more focused). There are now more and more Dems (and Ron Paul) who are slowly backing off from their "the war was illegal" mantra and adjusting to this "the bar has been set too high!". I think both of them are fine, but I think that the latter is much more effective.

When is it time to go? How perfect does Iraq have to be before we can go?


Mom said...

I agree. Dennis K. has some good thoughts. How much more really? If my George was going over there...I would be transformed into Cindy Sheehan. No way...over this Mom's dead body!

So there!!