Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Eye of the Tiger

In another lame attempt to appeal to movie fans and PA Dems alike, Hillary has really dug in with her official "underdog" status and has compared herself to the hero of the ring, Rocky. Hillary's fan base is especially riled up after weeks of top Dem officials calling for her step down "for the good of the party". While I agree that she should step down (especially if she can't win PA by more than ten points), she still thinks that she has a chance. She doesn't unless she stages a coup of SD's at the convention and somehow gets the majority on the Credentials committee (she won't) and swings them to seat ALL of the delegates and votes in FL and MI. Again, I still think that his lead will hold with those included.

So, she has summoned the god of underdogs and has compared herself to Rocky Balboa. Well, that's fun and all, but guess what: Rocky lost. He lost in the first one, tied in the second one, won in the third and fourth and lost in his last bout. That is a 2-2-1 record. Not too impressive.

Let's take Rocky 1. We have Rocky, who trains really hard for months and months. He has heart and a loyal base that really wants him to win, but in the end he is beaten fairly in a grueling fight. The best part is that he is beaten by Carl Weathers. Why do I mention Carl Weathers? Well, he's a black guy. Could Hillary have given us Obama supporters any better ammo? Next time you try to pander Hillary, look at the whole picture.

Of course, Obama could never mention this hilarious gaffe, but EVERYBODY is thinking it. So, in honor of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa's first battle...

Man, just look at his confidence.


Mom said...

And, George, if ANYONE knows the Rocky history it is you!

You will straighten her out...this comparison needs to be sent to someone in the press that can share it!!

Rmeis said...