Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wedding Photo's

We took our wedding photo's last week and we got them back. They have not been touched up yet, but we need to choose some for the album and what not. They are pretty good.

Am I not the luckiest man in the world? Just look at this woman.

And here are a couple of the two of us.

Here's that lucky guy!

Reminder: I have another TV debate tonight and next week the family arrives from a trip in Japan. Ten days until the day!


Mom said...

Lovely! what a handsome couple.

This "family" can't wait to see you next week. ;)

Rmeis said...

wow! incredible!

Goose said...

Lookin' good guys! We are so sad not to be apart of that family coming to visit but at least we can see how things are progressing via pic.'s. You all are a precious couple. I just can't believe it's my little bro. that's getting married. Maybe it'll sink in by the time you have a couple of children!
Love you GWEE!

oncle Jean said...

Great looking couple! We'll be with you in our thoughts on the big day.

Love to you both!