Saturday, March 29, 2008

Come Out of the Political Closet!

Another round of senior Dems and other party officials have come out to express their concern with continuing the bloody primary battle. I'm happy that some of these leaders are showing their gravitas, but it simply is not enough and as we have seen and heard, Hillary is stepping up her "every vote should be counted" bullsh*t, I wonder if it will happen.

TH's new angle is that this actually strengthens the party and will weather us for the better come November because whichever candidate comes out on top will carry that merit badge on their lapel. In the real world, however, that badge will actually be a limp and McCain will simply have to go after that wound that did not have time to heal.

We all seem to know and understand this, so why aren't they going to step up?

Most SD's are hoping that the race will play itself out and Obama will emerge as the clear winner so that they don't have to piss the Clinton's and their machine off. They don't want the Clintons and their high dollar donors to stop raising money for them. They don't want Carville and Wolfson to call them a traitor. They don't want all the behind-the-scenes trashing that they know will come.


Mom said...

I agree with you...all the way.

TH is saying only Obama supporters are telling her to step down so why listen to them?

Sid said...

I am really starting to despise Hillary more and more. She says she is running because she cares about the good of the country, but yet she is acting like a child and won't admit defeat. Ever argument she makes for not dropping out has no logic whatsoever. She wants to win PA so she can convince SD's to vote for her because I guess the other 30 something states that have already voted are not important. She wants to keep the results of MI and FL as is even though she agreed to the rules like everyone else. She is tearing the democratic party apart and is going to end up costing the Dems the white house yet again. How can she bring the whole country together if she can't even keep her party together. I am even starting to wonder if I will be able to vote for her if she ends up winning the nomination, If that does happen, I will be very disappointed in the democratic party in general...maybe even enough to sit this election out. I know that is not the answer and I have always criticized people for doing the same thing, but I don’t know if I could vote for her in good conscience. I have lost all respect for her.

Rmeis said...

Pretty much agreed with everything funnie said