Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Image of the Week

Sadly, we have crossed another threshold (and not the one that McCain and Hillary have crossed, but Obama just isn't there yet). No, we hit 4,000 deaths this week. The timing is ironic just as McCain left screaming "Victory", I, however, think there isn't as much significance in that number as the number of overall deaths in Iraq this week (bloodiest in months). The total number will overshadow it and the MSM will yet again miss the real story.

Of course McCain, who I dislike and distrust more each day and I will NEVER say he is a "stand-up guy", is saying that since he's been to Iraq eight times, his senior moments don't count and that he knows what is going on there more than anybody in the world. Right.

It's all a mess and their blood in on many of our leaders hands, but McCain is seeing that it stains that brand new new White House couch.

So, McCain and Bush who Olberman refers to as McBush, this is for you...