Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is that a him or a Him?

Of course, I would never believe it or claim that BO is more than what he is, but there are websites and tons of pictures that offer that celestial aura.

I thought it might be fun to share some of those pics. Now, some are edited...

and others simply have a well (or conveniently) placed light in the background.

This is my favorite: "Floating Obama"

While those are good for a laugh, one can not deny the emotion that he evokes.

This emotion is what makes him stand above the rest. Very few people today are moved by other people's words. Very few people have a role model or someone that they can easily say, "Yeah, I want to be like that." And I'm not saying BO is that guy, nor would he, but he is a very extraordinary man with an extraordinary story and I will be honored to write that first post titled President Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Mom said...

Interesting photos....and hope you are right with the President Barack Obama comment.