Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Politics: TH's Affirmative Action Strategy

We all know that the rise of civil rights cost the Dems the "Solid South". When LBJ signed that into law he lost all of the southern white vote (especially men). We have all read about Geraldine Ferraro and her racist comments, but her reaction to the negative press she has received, to me, is the tell-all for what TH is up to.

Her inexcusable comments, imo, is a another lame and damaging TH attempt to manipulate the playing field before PA. These comments were not meant for MS. It was too late for that. They are going after the fence voters in PA. She claims, "They are attacking me because I'm white."

By claiming this reverse discriminative treatment, she is trying to hit a cord and get the poor white guy who is positive that the black guy got the job instead of him ONLY because he's black. She's trying to give a voice to those closet racist Dems, by saying "I know how you feel, and you have an option: Hillary Clinton."

"Obama is winning only because he's black" would work if he only won SC, AL, GA and MS. What about WY, WA, ID, IA and CO? He's winning because people like him more. He's winning because he has run an amazing campaign. He's winning because Hillary has too many enemies and comments like this are not going to have the SD's lining up.

Ferraro knew what she was saying. She knew that Hillary would lose MS. They did not know they would lose it this big though. Now, of course, they will diminish the win. Which way will they choose? Well, it wasn't a caucus full of activists. That won't work. It's not a "latte liberal" state like Oregon either. Well, I guess they'll use the AA and Red state excuse.

Since they knew she would lose BIG TIME in another AA-dominated race, Ferraro can claim that Hillary is also a "white Affirmative Action victim", get away with blatant racism and hopefully appeal to the poor white workers in PA.

You think that's bad? Just wait...


Mom said...

You continue to hit the nail on the head, George. Bravo!

Oncle Jean said...

Dear Geraldine needs to crawl back under the rock she she came out of. I didn't even know she was still alive. Maybe the "living brain dead!"