Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Politics: Calculated and Never Short-sighted

As all of you have seen, Geraldine Ferraro (GF) has been running around the talk show circuit setting up something that is quite impressive and despicable .

She meant to plant this seed. This is why I KNOW it was a planned comment.

She isn't just saying this off the cuff. She's been saying it over and over again. Each and every talk show she goes on, she adds a little fuel to it. She refuses to back down even when she is told she is being widely percieved as a racist. When confronted forcefully, she walks right through her argument and sets up the next and she never hesitates for a second.

Bottom line: She expected this reaction and she has a plan to respond and will scream as loud as she can about reverse-racism. In fact, she has already demanded that Obama apologize to her. Is she f***ing crazy? SHE is the one who demeaned Obama and his supporters. She is the one who used race in a VERY blatant way. She likes to excuse herself from being called racist because she compared her own VP nomination to his bid and that she, like him, got it only because she was a woman. Last time I checked, Hillary WAS A WOMAN!!!

Let's turn this around: David Axelrod (Top Obama advisor) says that Hillary would not be where she is today if she was not a woman AND that we would not be in this position if she was a man. And then when people got upset, he would go on all the major talk shows, continue his sexist rants under the guise of reverse-sexism and demand that Hillary calls him and apologizes.

Would Hillary denouce it? -Yes

Would the women be furious? -Yes

Would I write this post? -Yes

Do not let anything cloud your thinking. This was calculated and this kind of no-apologies policy reminds me of a certain administration. In fact, that will an upcoming post...

***Say a prayer for 희망! It's not looking too good right now!***