Friday, March 14, 2008

Following Hope

Well, as I said we have her home with us now and I'm going to be updating regularly this to give you an up-to-date report of how she's doing. I'll also be including some music videos that I sum up how the mood his here. Please listen to them if only for a minute. Some will be bad.

7:10pm We just ate. 희망 can't eat, but she's getting her essentials through the IV. We tried to feed her. Futile. 고 is massaging her jaws to help reduce the virus-induced chewing and biting. She is on her side. We tried to have her stand up, but it was too difficult. She is verty silent. No whining.

7:31pm She just had another seizure. Her tails wags. She's very fragile.

7:55 She just had another seizure. She's getting worse. We're thinking about visiting the vet one last time. 고 can't be there for it. I'm trying to find my british bud to go with me.

8:10 Glen is on his way. We're...leaving for the vet. I'm sorry 희망. I'm so sorry.....

11:25 We had her put to sleep at 9:10pm. We buried her at a nearby mini park where she can rest undisturbed. Our friends all came out to support us. She is in better place. We are not.