Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daily Politics: Excuses, excuses

Again, I must apologize for my absense. Our computer has yet to be fixed and we have had no time to deal with it. I have been behind in my primary reporting and to top it off, Korean cable just dropped CNN for some odd reason. I'm so upset.

Regardless, tomorrow is very crucial, but apparently, Clinton claims that she is staying in the race. I predict a loss in Texas and a single-digit win in Ohio. She and her husband had claimed that she would have to bow out if she lost either one of the big ones, but now she says she's "just getting warming up".

To make the statement that a loss in an of the four primaries is a signal that Obama is a passing fad is insulting to Dems and voters. I'm so tired of her "wait and see" strategy and this thing needs to end soon. McCain is not attacking Obama like she is and the RNC is not doing it either. She is giving them talking points. Clinton will be such an easy defeat in November and again, she's leaving me saying, "How can she be this selfish?"

We'll see what happens.


Mom said...

Because she is Hillary! This is her one and only chance and she was certain this prize was to be hers...and Bill agreed. They will not go down lightly!

Oncle Jean said...

What the f... with those Koreans and CNN. I'll bet they have it in N. Korea, so they can monitor the U.S. and our lunatic president.