Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daily Politics: PC and the GOP

There are so many reasons that Obama should be the nominee over Clinton and I hopefully won't have to, but will talk about many of them in the weeks to come, but one thing is very clear to me: The GOP is scared of Obama.

They are not scared of him for the right reasons though. Sure, he is a centrist with a liberal heart who appeals to millions, but McCain has similar qualities. The issue is going to be the campaign for the GE. If Clinton is the nominee, we can expect business as usual. They will slam her record and rile up their base around the hatred of her. However, they will be a lot more caustious to slam Obama. Why though?

The GOP has not been the party of human rights to say the least. Campaigning against an AA can be a very slippery slope for them and I think that they will shy away from personal attacks. This will leave the door open for the Dems to slam a checkered 20 year senate run where the candidate can't see beyond the barrel of his gun. Furthermore, sexism seems to be a lot more acceptable and Clinton hate is a lot more rooted than Obama hate (which is non-exsistant beyond TH).


Oncle Jean said...

Yeah, I worry about all those talking points and campaign bullets TH is giving the opposition.